Release Agent / Corrosion Preventive

Makes it easy the extraction of parts and protect the mold with mold release and protective Polimold.

The Polimold release agent aids the plastic parts without leaving stains on the product. It is available in two versions: PH and Silicone.
Poli Proter Polimold protects the mold ensuring injected with quality parts.
Available in 400 ml cans, aerosol model (harmless to the ozone layer).

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Poli Proter

Poli Proter

Poli Proter Polimold provides maximum protection against rust and oxidation in molds, cavities and metal components in general.

This protection is due to a waxy film forming long-lasting, excellent anticorrosive power.

It is not necessary to use solvents to remove the product. After first injection the protective completely disappears. It doesn’t stain the parts due to lack of pigment in their formulation.


• Molds

• General tools in protecting finished parts from steel, cast iron, Cavities

• Steel plates, pipes, profiles, stamped parts.

Method of Delivery

• Aerosol 400ml / 250g

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Silicone Release Agent

Spray with Silicone Release Agent:

The Release Agent Silicon Spray is a lubricant that facilitates the demolding of plastics, rubbers, ABS resins, thermoplastics, metals, etc..

Silicon produces hydro-repellent properties and good thermal stability of the product once applied, makes a thin film lubricant and long-lasting release agent.


• Release agent in processes of plastic injection parts
• General electronic mechanisms and precision
• Antioxidant
• Lubrication of rubber and plastic parts.


• Aerosol 400ml / 250g

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PH Mold release

Release Agent Spray PH (Without Silicon)

The Release Agent Spray PH (without silicone) is indicated to facilitate demolding plastic parts, rubber, among others, preventing dryness part


• Mold release for plastic parts where the silicone must be avoided.
• In use of plastic parts with screen printing
• Silk-screen
• Painting
• Collages
• Seals
• Acrylic

Method of Delivery

• Aerosol 400ml / 250g

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